Unique accommodation in Sweden: Where quiet is a luxury commodity

Published October 31, 2023
Unique stay in Sweden where quiet is a luxury commodity Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

Have you ever dreamt of an escape where modern luxury melds with raw, untouched nature? Allow us to guide you through an unforgettable journey to Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland. Nestled amid deep forests and reflective waters, this getaway offers a unique experience, blending the wilderness with the comforts of a luxury haven.

My Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland experience

On our way to the Yggdrasil Igloos in Värmland, winding country roads guide us as the headlights cast an amber hue on the pavement. Dark pine woods drift by the window, revealing spots of sparkling gray water and towering rock under a twilight sky.

We managed to locate a wooden sign leading us to our destination. After parking and checking in, we grab our backpacks and, with guidance from the site manager Tor, embark on a brief stroll to our dwelling along a gravel road and through the trees, since it's not possible to drive along the lakeside.

Tucked away between the trees lies an igloo surrounded by a terrace floating on the water. The igloo has a rowing boat attached, and on the terrace, there's a fire pit, chairs, and a table neatly folded for the night.

Stars from Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland glass roof

Transitioning from the cold outside to the igloo's interior offers a striking contrast. As the door shuts out the pitch-black night and icy temperatures, we're greeted by a warm ambiance, complete with glowing lights, cozy blankets, sheep furs, and high-tech amenities like heating, a functioning gas stove, electricity from solar panels, WIFI, a toilet, running water, and even a unique "refrigerator" – a cupboard cooled by the lakewater.

The host welcomed us with a grill package, which we chose to cook inside on the gas stove due to the unpredictable weather. After our journey, the sight of beautifully packaged ingredients for burgers and hotdogs, complete with cute little jars of ketchup, pickles, a dressing made from lingonberry, and homemade potato salad, is a delight.

With full bellies, we turn off all lights, save for a couple of electric candles, and let the symphony of the wind and waves lull us to sleep.

Kitchen in Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

I would canoe back for this breakfast

Awakenings in snowy mountains or golden sunrises are something I cherish, but the scene this morning is extraordinary. Our nighttime arrival gave us only silhouettes of our surroundings. But now, the daylight unveils a 90-degree panorama of the lake. Being located on the water takes "lake view" to a whole new level, and the igloo's glass ceiling reveals the vast, unobstructed sky above.

Breakfast is a scheduled luxury, delivered to our doorstep at 9:30 AM. As we unpack the box of goodies – crispy sourdough baguette, eggs, fresh pink grapefruit, selected charcuterie, buckthorn jam, and steaming hot coffee – we can't help but indulge, lounging in our pyjamas atop the plush comforter.

Breakfast in Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

It’s true what they say in the movies, fishing is a form of selfcare

I will admit, we’re outdoor people, but have zero skills when it comes to rowing a boat and therefore opt for renting a canoe, for which we have more experience. We also rent some fishing equipment and pack a lunch and a thermos.

We say a quick hello to 90-year-old Gun who founded the center with her husband in 1955. The family has rented out canoes ever since, and through generations, they have expanded their products to include other outdoor experiences including the two lakeside igloos sleeping four guests. Gun tells us that this lake is special compared to other places in Sweden, because it is so vast you can sail out for days, but she also points out a route fitted for a quick canoe excursion.

Fishing and canoe rental at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

It is a gorgeous fall day and the water is so clear you can see the floor of the lake from the shore, and we’re excited to head out as the only two people on the lake. The project on this trip is for my husband to teach me how to fish without poking my own or his eye out in the process. I manage to make a throw which he modestly describes as alright (a personal accomplishment). Although we don’t catch anything, I can easily see why so many believe angling to be a very therapeutic activity.

Afternoon activities and food from a fire

On our journey here, we'd planned a Halloween activity: pumpkin carving. Settling on the deck clad in cozy layers, we prep for tea and kindle a fire for dinner. Tor, the attentive host, surprises us with another gourmet meal box and the tools for an outdoor feast.

pumpkin carvings in nature

The star of the box? Freshly picked chanterelles, which, as we all know, have a love affair with butter. Our dinner – a creamy moose stew with mushrooms, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, herbs, and garlic – is comfort in a bowl. At the same time, a perfect glowy sunset slowly covers the lake in darkness and our jackyard lantern smiles through crooked teeth.

Afternoon activities and food from the fire at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

How hot steam will leave you breathless

If you’re looking to propose to someone, this is the place to do it!

While we have been exploring the area Tor has prepared a sauna and wilderness bath located 50 meters from our igloo. It takes most of a day to heat up, and we have collaborated on adding firewood every hour. My husband has gone ahead, while I’ve gathered a bottle of chilled wine and a robe, and I tell you I gasped when I walked into the clearing between the trees.

Sauna at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

Tor had spent many hours preparing the perfect setting, raking the leaves from the area, spreading lanterns around the large wilderness bath, and lighting a gentle fire that created a warm and comfortable glow and spread an almost etheric scent. The setting is magical with the dark trees towering around us and the starlit sky above so clear that we’re able to spot every constellation.

While we soak in the steaming tub the forest orchestra creates the backdrop soundscape.

Wilderness bath at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

There’s a small path leading to the lake lit by a couple of lanterns, but in the end, we agree that we’re not true vikings and decide that standing in the cold autumn air is enough of a chill, before we try out the sauna.

During our entire time in the clearing, we’re all alone, sipping wine and telling ghost stories with nothing to disturb us. When we reluctantly tear ourselves away from the outdoor spa experience, we are pleasantly surprised to discover that the ceiling of our igloo comes with a view of the same starry night sky.

Wilderness bath at night at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

Goodbye to this happy place

When we wake up on Sunday morning Jack Frost has painted the sunrise in a frosty winter rose and covered the rusty leaves in a paper-thin layer of ice. I send him a warm thought - a frosty night means the end of mosquito season, but as I head out I also ache for the woolen mittens in the top drawer of my dresser at home.

We both needed to drop off the map in order to turn the next page and this was the perfect place to do so. I would compare this experience to that of a luxury hotel: the feeling of being the guest of honor, having hosts tending to your every need the minute it arises, but at the same time having an authentic outdoor experience in an exclusive and secluded location.

We would both jump at the opportunity to return to Yggdrasil Igloos in Värmland, not least because of the exceptional hospitality.

Bed at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

Practical information

  • 🔗 Book Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland
  • ℹ️ Price: from €340 pr. night and breakfast for €39 for two persons pr. day
  • 📍Årjäng, Sweden

What to pack for an getaway to Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

  • Towel + swimwear. There are shower facilities by the main hut and you wouldn't want to miss the wilderness bath and sauna
  • Multiple layers of comfy clothes. Although you won’t need it inside, since the igloo is heated
  • Snacks? Not sure you’ll need any. We were served beautiful breakfast and dinner, never being able to finish our portions, and there was a small sale of ice cream, candy, and basic dry ingredients in the main house.
  • A good book. This is the perfect place for indulging in a break between the pages.
  • A pumpkin. If you would like to copy our Halloween activity.
  • A backpack. I recommend packing your luggage in something mobile, although the hosts offer to transport your luggage to the hut by ATV.
  • A bottle of wine. We opted for a chilled organic natural wine, the cherry on top of our sunset dinner and outdoor spa experience.

Facilities at Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland

Eager to embark on your own escape to the Yggdrasil Igloo Värmland? Don't wait another moment; book your stay here and experience the luxury and quietness. And if you're keen on looking deeper into the beauties of Sweden, make sure to check out our guide on Discover Sweden.

Text and pictures by Anna Maria Carlsen