Information Host Guidelines

Our wish is that our hosts only need to focus on ensuring a good experience for the guests and themselves. We have therefore prepared a series of guidelines that all hosts should read and follow.

Laws and Permits

🏛 Follow the law
It is important for us to ensure that our hosts always abide by existing legislation. All hosts should therefore adjust their guidelines accordingly and make sure to cover all national, regional or even local laws that can be applicable to the specific hosting situation.

📃 Obtain relevant permits
Hosts need to stay updated on relevant permits for their hosting situations. This may include being informed on whether certain utilities require a special permit or if there is a need to keep guests posted on bonfire restrictions during dry seasons.

Guest Safety

Safeguard your facilities
We expect that hosts safeguard the use of their facilities in the area so that they can be used by guests in a secure and risk-free way.

🆘 Safety procedures
The guests need to be informed on important safety procedures. These may vary according to each specific location but should at the very least include information on the use of bonfires and bathing facilities, as well as safety procedures in case of fire, heavy rain, thunder, storm etc. We also advise that our hosts prepare a plan for the guests in the event of extraordinarily bad weather.

🏥 First-aid and hospital guidance
Make sure to include in the safety procedures information on where the guests can find first-aid kits at your location, or - in even more severe cases provide guidance on how to find the nearest hospital.

🔎 Insurance
We advise that all hosts obtain relevant insurances that can cover in the events of accident, damage, or the like.

Respect the Nature and Local Communities

Proper cleaning and disposal
Our guests are always made aware of proper cleaning and disposal through the guest guidelines. It is nonetheless the host who holds the responsibility of disposing garbage in a proper fashion for nature.

😌 Tranquility is a team effort
We advise our hosts to set up guidelines on daily periods where guests are asked to be attentive towards keeping noise at a minimum, if for example separate groups of guests should be in close proximity to each other.

🐕 Pet allowances
Clear guidelines are necessary if guests are allowed to bring pets to the location, so that the pets do not cause unnecessary inconvenience for other guests. This includes informing guests about proper areas to keep their pets as well as to set a bar for noise levels - man's best friend needs to be friendly towards all.

🅿️ Parking
We advise our hosts to secure parking spots for their guests, if possible. In that way, we can avoid inconvenient parking on nearby roads or neighboring properties.

Respect the Guest

Balance the expectations
It is the responsibility of a host to make sure that their listings on Owayy always represent a true and detailed description of the location. We encourage that hosts always present their location in the best possible way - without making promises that cannot be kept.

📆 Keep yourself updated
It is important as a host to ensure that the booking calendar is up to date. Owayy's calendar integration system mostly covers this matter, but we are always ready to help and adjust if you have any manual processes.

🤠 Be available
Hosts should always provide guests with their contact information in order to answer questions that may arise before, during, or after their stay. Satisfied guests and good recommendations most often come as a direct result of positive dialogues, clear guidelines, and an attentive host. However, if our hosts have trouble answering a specific question, they are always welcome to contact our support heroes via this link.

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