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Prior to any stay, we encourage our guests to read through all available information regarding our guidelines on a safe and respectful stay. Together with our hosts, we have strived to answer both the common and unique questions that you may have for your stay.

Follow the Guidelines

🦉 Read and follow our guidelines carefully
To provide the best possible experience for our guests and hosts, we have prepared a series of guidelines. It is our hope and expectation at Owayy that you will read and follow our guidelines carefully to stay safe and be a respectful guest during your stay.

📖 The welcome letter + our website
We and our hosts give our best to make sure that all common questions related to your stay are answered for you in advance. We feel sure that most of your concerns will be answered either in the welcome letter from your host or at our website.

📞 Contact us
If you still need answers, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are always ready to support you in having a memorable stay. Our support heroes are hiding behind this link – and they are ready to help!

🦠 COVID-19: read about our special guidelines here.

Stay Safe

🦺 Unique safety measures
As a guest, you should always feel safe and sound – and this is also our part. We and our hosts have therefore outlined specific safety guidelines for each unique stay, which can be found in the welcome letter from your host.

🔥 Prepared for all scenarios
In the welcome letter from your host, you can read about how to be prepared and take the necessary safety measures in relevant scenarios, such as when you plan on lighting a fire or if you intend to go for a swim in the nearby sea. For example, for when you plan on lighting a fire or if you intend to go for a swim in the nearby sea.

🤠 Contact your host
If in any doubt regarding your safety, please reach out to your host as they are the experts on the facilities and surroundings of your unique stay.

Be Respectful

😌 Respect your host
Our hosts do their utmost to make sure that your stay is the best possible. To show them your appreciation for their effort, we hope that you will respect their hard work and dedication in creating unique experiences.

Follow house rules
With a unique location comes a unique set of guidelines. Make sure to familiarize yourself (and your group) with these.

🤝 Respect your neighbours
Many of our hosts welcome multiple guests at the same time. Please respect other groups of guests so that everyone gets a great experience.

🤫 A peaceful stay
We most often hear that our guests are looking forward to enjoying the type of peace that can only be found in nature. Please show respect in limiting noise during night hours and always follow the guidelines that may appear from the welcome letter by your host.

Take your garbage Owayy
Please make sure to clean up both during and after your stay at your temporary home. Be mindful in picking up and carefully disposing of any kind of non-biodegradable materials and sort your garbage according to local sorting rules.

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