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What are my possibilities if I want to change my booking?

Our hosts choose between three different cancellation policies themselves. You can read about them here. The cancellation policy will always be displayed on the host's listing.

When do I check-in and check-out?

The times of check-in and check-out vary depending on your location. They will always appear on the listing page as well as in the welcome letter from your host, which will be sent to you when you have placed your booking.

Where can I find practical information about my stay?

Most information you will be able to find on the listing itself. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact our support heroes - they are hiding behind this link.

What is the address of my booking?

All locations appear on the map on our booking site. The exact address will be sent to you in an email when you have placed your booking.

How do I get in contact with my host?

The contact information of your host will be sent to you when you have placed your booking. If you have questions regarding booking and modifications, please contact our support heroes directly.

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