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About Us

Owayy is a platform that connects nature lovers with the most unique locations in Northern Europe.
Together with all our hosts, we spare you the trouble of browsing the web by having gathered some of the most unique nature experiences in Northern Europe – and we’re always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience possible!

Sustainability and luxury, hand-in-hand. 
We strive to show that you don’t have to cross the Atlantic to get Owayy from morning commutes, daily planning, and noisy neighbors. Instead, our hosts welcome you to the hidden gems of nature, where you will have unforgettable memories while supporting local communities.

Tents, Mongolian yurts, cabins, containers, airstreamers – we got it all. 
All of our locations are different from each other and unique in their own way. At Owayy, we only offer the uncommon and exclusive type of experiences that will be stored in your memories for eternity. That’s our way.

Owayy is sustainable


At Owayy we are doing our best to increase focus on sustainable travel habits, bringing value to both local communities, our planet, our guests, and our hosts.

We want to get more people outside, to discover new places in a new way.

For a long time, there has been a lack of smaller, unique, and adventurous locations spread across our countries. Today, we are experiencing a growing trend across the world, where we share things like our cars, apartments, investment, and bikes, so why not share our unique locations?

We believe in unlocking new doors and giving our guests an experience they've never had before. Therefore, we work hard every day to support our hosts, who want to share their amazing place with the world.
Owayy - experiences that create memories

About us

Our history

In 2018, Owayy was established under the name “GoGlamping” where we offered glamping experiences in Denmark. We were driven by our personal wish to enjoy our much-needed breaks away from daily routines without compromising our carbon footprint. The experiences needed to be in close proximity to nature without compromising uniqueness, convenience, and comfort. Today, Owayy offers unique experiences in Northern Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Nothing has changed regarding the combination of nature and comfort, but now we’ve broadened our reach, striving to create unforgettable memories for our guests while they explore new sides of both their home and neighboring countries. That’s Owayy.
Owayy history

Great stay in the forest. You could hear the birds sing, and when they didn’t, there was just pure silence. We had a great time around the campfire. There were everything we needed and good service. The breakfast was also really delicious. We give Kimmersøgaard glamping our biggest recommendation.

Guest at Owayy

Thanks for a great stay! We had our own private oasis at the most beautiful spot in the forest. The tent had a cozy interior, with a lovely bed, and when you wake up, there was the nicest view of the forest, and you could enjoy the delicious breakfast. The surroundings with the campfire, table, and chairs gave an inviting impression and made it easy to relax. Perfect welcome and hosting. Big recommendation.

Guest at Owayy

Meet our team

From the heart of Copenhagen, our team constantly seeks to create the best conditions for both our guests and hosts. But our team is much bigger. Without our hosts, we wouldn’t be able to ensure the uniqueness of the experiences that we offer on this platform. So, thank you to all our hosts who are making this possible!

  • Magnus Emil Holst Schou

    Magnus Emil Holst Schou

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Anton Frederik North

    Anton Frederik North

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Nicolai Klindt

    Nicolai Klindt

    Partners & Relations Manager

  • Luca Maxen

    Luca Maxen

    Customer Succes Manager

  • Mads Rued Schleicher

    Mads Rued Schleicher

    Technical Lead

  • Petro Kok

    Petro Kok

    Back-end developer

  • Viktor Pukhnichenko

    Viktor Pukhnichenko

    Front-end developer

  • Josefine Jürgensen

    Josefine Jürgensen

    Marketing Assistent

  • Amalie Haubo

    Amalie Haubo


  • Maria Mellander

    Maria Mellander

    Host relations

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